Case Studies

Case Studies


The Automotive Industry is characterized by the constant ability to evolve, reimagine, and innovate through new emerging technologies and tools.



The Watch Industry faces various challenges faced by the traditional watch industry limitations, which need to be improved when it comes to customer engagement, product personalization, and people connection.

With the latest technologies, luxury watch brands can enhance customer engagement through VR showrooms, 3D configurators, and virtual try-ons.

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3D Modeling

Create a detailed model of your newest watch collection in a realistic representation and give yourself an unfair advantage over your competitors.

3D Commercial

Showcase the finest parts and details of your product in the most complex watch movements through our 3D commercial service.

Augmented Reality - AR

Through augmented reality, with only one step away, it is very easy for potential buyers to see visually how a desired watch model looks on their wrist.


Within the Metaverse, your brand can create virtual showrooms or experiences where users or potential customers can wander around the showroom, interact, and order the desired products.

3D Configurator

Potential clients can customize their virtual watches to their preferences, experimenting and combining the different parts of a watch with different models, styles, materials, and colors.

Case Studies

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