Case Studies

Case Studies


The furniture industry goes beyond creating functional elements; it impacts how people interact with their environment, shapes design trends, contributes to economic growth, and influences different aspects of life.



The Furniture Industry faces challenges such as effective inventory management, limited online sales channels, and the dynamic evolution of consumer preferences.

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse integration revolutionize inventory tracking, online sales channels, and engagement, reshaping the industry.

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Furniture 3D Modeling

3D modeling and rendering help you to visualize, simulate, and refine your company’s furniture designs before building them.

Furniture 3D Commercial

One way of ensuring that customers will be impressed to buy from you is by investing in high-quality 3D Commercials with exceptional details.

Furniture Augmented Reality - AR

Placing a furniture 3D model of any preference of yours in an environment has never been easier. With our provided AR filters, you can fully engage with a furniture product by moving it around the room and seeing where it’ll fit best.

Furniture Showroom

A Virtual Showroom is all you need to enhance the CX and let your customers interact with a space as if they were in a real-life showroom from anywhere in the world, maintaining the dynamic nature of a warm home environment.

Furniture 3D Configurator

A furniture 3D configurator lets your customers examine and customize fine details of their furniture models, fabrics, colors to their specific needs and preferences.

Case Studies

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